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19 June 2024

Criatividade da Agência B16

Harmony in the workspace is not just a question of aesthetics, but a fundamental element for the well-being and productivity of creatives.

Let me tell you a story about how the decoration of a workspace, done strategically, is transformative!

The Awakening of Harmony

Once upon a time, in a very pleasant and functional office, a clan of creatives worked enthusiastically. There was plenty of natural light and a stunning view of the Ria Formosa, but we knew that with a few touches of magic, we could elevate our environment and, consequently, our creativity. So, we decided to take a step back from the ordinary and transform our space into something extraordinary.

Colors that make us vibrate

The first task was to choose colours that would inspire us. We decided to paint the office white, black and magenta. White brought clarity and freshness, black added sophistication and focus, and magenta… ahh, magenta! The colour of creativity and passion, which gave our space the energy we needed.

Natural Light: Our best friend

We are lucky to work in a space filled with natural light. We hardly ever need artificial light, which is perfect for keeping our eyes rested and our minds clear. During the day, natural light flows through the large windows, illuminating every corner of the office and creating a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere.

Creativity’s Throne

If there’s one thing creatives need, it’s a comfortable chair. We’ve replaced the old chairs (which were more like instruments of torture) with ergonomic chairs that are real thrones of creativity. Sometimes we do little dances and make strange sounds to celebrate good ideas don’t judge until you’ve tried it!

Plants: Our silent colleagues

We decided to bring even more nature into the office with various types of plants. As well as improving the air quality, plants provide us with peaceful, green company. We’ve even given some of them names. Yes, I know, we’re a clan of incurable romantics!

Spaces for all tastes

We’ve created different zones at our office for different moods. We have a cozy corner with an armchair for moments of reading and reflection, and a large collaboration table where we can spread out all our materials during brainstorms and long meetings. And when we need to isolate ourselves, we have our zen cubicles our little creative refuges.

Personal touches: The space’s heart

Last but not least, we personalized our space with items that make us smile. Travel photos, small souvenir objects and, of course, a few inspirational pieces. These personal touches not only make the space more welcoming, but also remind us every day why we love what we do.

The magnificent view

When we take a break, our view outside is simply magnificent. It’s a privilege to be able to observe the landscape and let our minds wander, recharging our creative batteries. It’s as if every glance out of the window gives us a new breath of inspiration.

Happy ending, or Tip of the Day?!

Every day is a new opportunity to create something incredible, and it feels even better when you’re creating in a space that welcomes, inspires and stimulates you. So, if you’re feeling like your creativity is troubled or has gone on an indefinite vacation, maybe it’s time to give your workspace some love. After all, a harmonious environment can be the real hero of your creative story!

Get to work and good luck!



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