Optimize images/videos in production and post-production

11 July 2024

Vertical and horizontal are two different frames that require a creative approach. It’s
essential the image/video in vertical format pass on the sense of purpose, instead of
an adaptation of a horizontal video. In production and post-production, vertical
content must receive the same attention and work a horizontal content does.

Multi-format Content

Social networks keep popping up, and always bring updates and new formats of their
own. Brands and creators tend to get the best out of it, as it isn’t always necessary to
create content from scratch to each platform. A picture posted on Instagram can be
dimensioned and used on a blog – and vice-versa. A YouTube video, for example,
can be edited and used on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

If you are used to record horizontally, here are some tricks you should follow in post-
production for this recycling to work:

1. Make sure that important information doesn’t cover the entire width of the frame.
Question: Can the content on both sides of the frame be cropped?
2. Capture upright themes or elements;
3. Record or photograph with a wide space around the main element to guarantee
room for editing;
4. As long as it is in line with your brand, use editing styles like dividing the screen
to fill the vertical space;
5. Another solution to fill the vertical space, not compromising your horizontal
content, is to blur the background and centre your horizontal video on the vertical
6. If you use subtitles or text overlying the content, don’t forget to edit these
elements into adapting to the vertical space. It’s important to keep the titles

The importance of a plan

You’ll record or photograph, no improvising! How are you going to organize the
video, audio and photo shoots? Planning not only optimizes the production process,
but also improves quality. Organize your time will help you in post-production, easing
editing and making sure every element is kept in place to apply the multi-format
content technique and share your work in different medias. This allows your project
or brand to have a cohesive narrative and a strong visual presentation, maximizing
the final impact of your content creation.

Remember how we started? “Vertical and horizontal Vertical and horizontal are two
different frames that require a creative approach.” Explore, mix formats and make a
difference. Try it out and analyse what works better to keep your audience. Pay
attention to both formats and have fun playing with various techniques, always with a
plan on the side.



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