UGC Creators: Transforming Digital Marketing in Portugal

15 January 2024

UGC Creators
UGC Creators

In the scenario of constant transformation prevailing throughout Digital Marketing, the UGC (User Generated Content) Creators are emerging as a revolutionary force, challenging the hitherto established norms.

What are UGC Creators

User Generated Content Creators are the producers of authentic content related to a product or service, highlighted by the natural way they carry out the advertising as if expressing the point of view of a user. To the contrary of traditional influencers, the focus is on the spontaneity and the real experience of users.

What Value do they Generate

These creators endow authenticity. In sharing personal experiences, they create genuine bonds between the public and the brands. The general content generated by users gets perceived as more reliable, more natural, and positively impacting the decision-making of consumers.

Changes in the Digital World and Companies

The UGC Creators are steadily transforming the Digital Marketing universe. In encouraging users to generate content, brands are building up loyal communities. This organic approach enables them to capitalise on the power of the recommendations made from person to person.

Influencers vs. UGC Creators

In comparison with conventional influencers, UGC Creators provide a more accessible and authentic approach. Their influence is based on real experience providing a longer lasting impact on the perceptions of consumers.

We may certainly conclude that UGC Creators are redefining Digital Marketing in Portugal, introducing an era of authenticity, strong communities, and consumer trust. The platform already contains over 600 Portuguese UGC Creators who all promise to produce customised content for any brand. 

What awaits us in 2024? We are anxious to find out.



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